Yes, designing with fine art can be affordable

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Would you love to add a piece of fine art to your home, but think it's not in your budget? Beautiful design begs for beautiful art and, yes, you CAN afford it, if you know where to look.

That's where we find Stuart Bern. Bern is an American contemporary abstract artist. When you first look at his work, there's a little bit of mid-century whimsy (that I love) mixed with a bit of, "Wow, I need one of these pieces!"

When desigining a room, art should be a central focus. The question is: Do you design the room around the artwork or vice versa? It sometimes seems as though just making a last minute choice of what's affordable at the local big box store has become the norm.

It doesn't have to be! Bern's pieces can run into the thousands, but his prices start around $175. That's not a typo. Graffiti, below and Dancing Flamingos, above, normally sell for $1250, but can run more or less, depending on size and whether it's done on canvas or paper.

This series of work from Summer 2020 is fresh and new. He says he's been asked for more affordable pieces, so he chose to put these on paper instead of gallery canvas. These normally run $350. They're smaller, 18x24 but he's working on larger works as well. His collection is quite large, but if you have a specific vision or want a custom look for your space, you can commission a piece as well.

"The magic is working with each client to find the perfect piece based on their style, layout, furniture and budget," said Bern.

As everyone spends their days and nights at home maybe you're starting to see those little projects that you meant to do 2 years ago. Maybe, just maybe, that 456th home design episode is making you realize you live in a "BEFORE." Maybe, just maybe, you're ready to live in an "AFTER."

Mern Interior Design's E-Design is perfect for stay-at-home projects. Think HGTV's summer show, Design at Your Door. NO home consults, curated design for your space and budget and it gives you a new project to pass the time!

Oh, and yes, Stuart's art can be a part of that "AFTER" picture you post to your social pages. We're very social, if you'd like to follow us on FBK and IG. Aren't you running out of things to post anyway?

Let's talk E-Design!

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