'Stay at Home' Clean-up

Updated: May 6, 2020

Since most people are home for now, try turning off your computers and TV and start sprucing up. Spring is here, so technically it's "Spring Cleaning" time, at least that's what our moms and grandmothers did! Make a list of those drawers and closets you just didn't have time to tackle and well, tackle them!

Where to start?

Looking at your whole house as one big project might just be a little overwhelming. It's best to divide the projects over the week and if you have a crew with you, assign each person a list of tasks.

What to Clean?

If you really do spring cleaning right, the list can start to grow. This is the time to get behind, under and around all the nooks and cranies you don't normally get to.

Door hardware and cabinet knobs

Cabinet interiors-take out items and clean shelves

Cabinet doors

Windows and sills

Wipe down walls and look for any cobwebs


Under furniture


Polish accessories

Take apart picture frames, clean and dry glass

Flip or turn mattress, depending on style

Wash all bedding

Clean blinds and curtains

Scrub sinks and faucets

Clean rugs

Shampoo carpet

Clean out closets and drawers

Clean pet areas and toys

**Don't forget to change your smoke and Co2 alarm batteries, make sure they work

What to Use

Take a quick inventory of what cleaning supplies you have on hand. You might need to order a few key cleaners online, but try to make due with soap and water for most things. Plain white vinegar is one of the best cleaners for just about anything. Fill a spray bottle with half water and half vinegar and clean away. Here are some ways to clean with vinegar.

Grab some bags and fill with all the things you no longer want and need and have them ready to take to your favorite charity when the Stay at Home order clears.

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