Mixing Metals: Silver and Gold blended

Updated: May 6, 2020

Yes, it's OK to mix your golds and silvers, really! When brass and shiny gold fixtures first came back in their time machine, it was a shocker to anyone who lived in the 80's brass era. "Silver or nothing" was the mantra. Then, top designers the world over said, "Yes, we love it and so will you!" The idea of mixing metals, however, wasn't in the cards. In 2020, it's all about mixing the bling.

Mixed for us

Manufacturers are even mixing metals for us. Kitchens with gold light fixtures and stainless steel applicances can see a nice blend of metals by integrating handles like these from AlliExpess.

We're also seeing beautiful light fixtures mixing silver and gold like this nod to the 70's on

Another top look is blending plexiglass with brass like this fabulous Johnathan Adler table on Perigold. It's a cool, clean way to bring in a mix of materials to your design.

5 Quick Tips:

  1. Silver kitchen hardware? Choose shiny gold light fixtures for an instant update

  2. Consider brushed nickel hardware with a matte black faucet

  3. Need new island lights? Try a black matte drum with a brass interior

  4. Updating? Choose a marble slab with a tan vein to blend with brass accents

  5. Quick fix? Try brass counter stools with a few brass counter accessories

Check out these great examples from

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